The Elemental Motor

Disruptive Electric Motor Technology

A new, more powerful, economical, & far more       torque dense technology


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The earliest motivation came in the 1980’s from David Calley’s (pictured here hard at work) wind turbine work. Wind turbines operate at low RPM, where efficiency is dominated by torque induced resistance losses. The generators were also hand wound. The solution was to start with a simple coil of wire for each phase, then warp flux paths are wrapped around the coils. This decouples the area for wire and the pole count. In doing so, higher pole counts increase voltage constant. This then reduces the number of turns required. Since the wire area is unchanged, a larger wire can also be used. Together, these drop coil resistance by the square of the pole count as a first order effect... Still with us? Basically, David wants a greener, cleaner world-- for his family and yours. He saw the need for a truly disruptive motor that would help this vision become a reality. A motor that could replace inefficient motors in every application. This is that motor. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Elemental Motors has developed a unique architecture that dramatically reduces the size and weight of torque motors, typically by a factor of 3X to 6X.  This new technology, which we helped sponsor, allows us to replace speed reducers in our new line of Direct Drive robots.  It has been a pleasure working with David Calley to develop the Elemental Motor product line."

Brian Carlisle
CEO - Precise Automation, Inc.


the facts

5x the torque density

1/5th the weight

unprecedented efficiency at low rpm

*Compared to similar motors produced by leading competitors such as Kollmorgen, Dana TM4, & Parker Hannafin.

our values

Honesty & Integrity

We will always be honest, not only about how we can help you, but about what we can do. And we will stand by our word.

Open Communication

We are committed to an open line of dialogue with all of our customers and business partners, because all good change starts with a conversation.

Continuous Improvement

We are never happy with the way things are, and that is what has brought us this far. Even though we believe our motors are the best, we are still hard at work on the next big improvement.

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